Nike Big River Team Video Challenge

Uploaded By: Big River Running. Added on: 27 September 2011.
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Well it is basically the coolest thing ever! Here's how it works; You've got until September 9th to make a 1 minute video telling us why your team should be one of the finalists for this season's Team Video Challenge. Make your video as creative as you can and remember this season's Nike Slogan- Take Every Advantage. All of the athletes at Nike do all the little things right; they stretch, they do drills and they always make sure to get enough sleep. We want to see you guys taking every advantage to make your video the best it can be!

On Saturday December 3rd the 4-6 teams who were selected as finalists will be invited to a private viewing party hosted by Nike and Big River Running Company. Teams will watch a special feed on the big screen of the Nike Cross Nationals Meet live from Portland, Oregon followed by each team's official Nike Team Montage Video. Our panel will select the best video and the winning team will win lots of cool Nike gear for 2012!!