10th Anniversary Top 10 List: Favorite Places to Run

Big River Running turns 10 years old on August, 14, 2016. Leading up to the big anniversary, we’re going to share some fun Top 10 lists that reflect on Big River’s history and our love for the St. Louis running community.

Big River Nation loves to log their miles all over St. Louis! There are so many fantastic places to run! The following places to run make up our Top 10 because of their location, terrain, runner friendliness, challenge or “historical significance.” Enjoy!

Big River’s Favorite Places to Run in St. Louis
10. Grant’s Trail
– A tried and true choice for those runners who love a good, flat out-and-back or long point-to-point!
9. Vianney’s Track – Many years of Big River Summer Speedwork made us stronger on this track! “I survived the six lane house of pain!”
8. Lewis & Clark Trail – Challenging and scenic! What more can you ask for in a trail?
7. Creve Coeur Lake Park – A beautiful loop around the lake that can connect to the Katy Trail for super long mileage!
6. Jefferson Barracks – Take your pick of running on St. Louis’ time-honored cross country course or a nice paved loop. Either way you’re sure to be greeted by friendly deer and classic hills.
5. “The Arch Run” – Running from Forest Park to the Arch and back is a Big River Training Team favorite! The extreme gratification of touching the silver monument when your feet were your form of transportation!
4. Francis Park – A South City group run staple. Who doesn’t love a square mile?
3. Queeny Park – Big River’s founders spent many miles in this park, just a short jaunt from the West County store. Ideas were hatched in those woods. Breath shortened on those hills. Sunrises and sunsets enjoyed from the wide-open fields.
2. Castlewood State Park – Home to two of Big River’s Signature trail races – Skippo and Castlewood Cup. Challenging terrain with rewarding views! The infamous stairs! A trail retreat!
1. Forest Park – The mecca for St. Louis runners. A perfect meet-up spot at the Visitor’s Center. A perfectly challenging and scenery changing outer loop. Hill repeats on Art Hill or up and down Skinker. An ideal spot for a long run or workout. Home to the Forest Park Cross Country Festival.

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