12 Years Running Strong

Happy 12th Anniversary, Big River Nation!

We’ve come a long way in the last 12 years. I can still remember getting ready to open the store back in 2006. I was a young pup back then, just 26 years old. An incredible group of people helped round the clock for three days straight to prepare the store to open on Monday, Aug. 14, 2006. Starting a small business is fairly analogous to running. It doesn’t come easy. You have to work hard, have a little grit and maintain the right thought to overcome the challenges and obstacles that will come your way. I’ve never regretted lacing up my shoes and heading out the door for some miles, no matter how difficult obstacles like big hills or St. Louis humidity made a run. Similarly, I’ve never regretted the challenges that come with owning a local business as we face competition from the internet or national chains. It’s been quite a ride, but totally worth it.

While our West County store might look different now than it did back in 2006, the heart and passion the Big River staff brings to each customer interaction is still the same. We still genuinely care about our customers and want them to have the best possible experience with Big River whether you are in the store to get fitted for shoes or participating in one of our community programs.

As much as we’ve tried as a company to give back to our community, Big River Nation has given so much to us as well. We’ve forged friendships. We’ve been inspired by your stories. We’ve loved cheering for you and supporting you as you achieve your fitness goals. You’ve helped us raise the bar so we can meet your expectations for excellent service.

Thank you for 12 great years. We look forward to serving you for dozens and dozens more.

— Matt Helbig

Getting the store ready to open back in 2006!