5 Cold Weather Running Tips

I recently saw a great Tweet from Molly Mirhashem, a senior editor for Outside Magazine that said “The correct number of layers for a run is always n minus the one you added in a last-minute panic.”

Exercising outside in the winter might seem intimidating or uncomfortable if the weather is freezing cold, but by following these simple tips you can head out the door feeling confident and comfortable.

Tip #1: A classic mistake is to overdress and as a result be too warm as you get going on your run or walk. Here’s a tip: you should feel slightly cool when you first go outside. Don’t worry, you’ll warm up!

Tip #2: Don’t forget to factor in wind chill! Base your layers on the wind chill, not just the outright temperature. Wind chill tells you how it really “feels” outside and can impact what you wear if feels colder than the temperature indicates.

Tip #3: Start your run or walk going “into” the wind. It’s much better to have the wind in your face when you are getting started as opposed to turning into the wind once you are sweaty.

Tip #4: Wind protection = Winning! Blocking the wind is crucial to keeping you warm. Jackets can be one of your most important layers when the temperature dips below freezing. You really may only need a good base layer to wick away sweat under your jacket.

Tip #5 – Protection from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers is key. Prevent heat from escaping from the top of your head by wearing a full coverage hat, preferably one made of technical fabric for wicking away sweat. Keep your finger tips from tingling by wearing mittens, which allow your fingers to generate their own body heat because they are touching. If you still feel like your fingers will be cold, try putting hand warmers in your gloves or mittens before you head out for your run or walk.

Big River Running carries great options for this type of gear at our stores and our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the best items for you or offer other cold weather tips based on your exercise routine and individual needs. Thanks for shopping local!

–Katie Helbig, a chronic winter run overdresser