5 Must-Read Travel Tips

1. Roll, don’t fold your clothes. This is not only a space saver, but also keeps your clothes from getting wrinkled or damaged.

2. A shower cap can protect your suitcase. Use a shower cap to keep your shoes wrapped up from dirtying the rest of your suitcase. These are nearly always free at hotels too.

3. Bring empty water bottle through security. And then fill it up on the other side! Stay hydrated while you travel and enjoy your vacation.

4. Pack snacks Snacks that will fuel you. Nutrition bars that can double as a quick breakfast always come in handy.

5. Pack your clothes, wear your running shoes. You’ll save space and your feet will thank you too. Stay light with versatile options. Shop selections from Viouri, Patagonia, Prana and other brands at Big River that specialize in performance apparel. Be comfortable and trendy by going from a morning run or stretch on the beach, to a walking tour, to out on the town for a casual dinner.

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