5 Summer Running Tips

We all know that running early in the morning or after the sun goes down is your best bet to beat the heat, but check out these other tips to help increase your change of success at getting in miles this summer:

  1. Hydrate to be great. Proper hydration is more important and more difficult due to the vast amount of water loss as a result of increased perspiration. Read our blog post on hydration for details. To stay hydrated on the run, check out great options from Amphipod and Orange Mud at Big River Running. Our staff can help you select a handheld waterbottle, hydration belt, vest or pack to meet your needs.
  2. Reduce friction. When the humidity rises, so does the likelihood that you will chafe. Avoid this uncomfortable outcome by liberally applying Body Glide. Body Glide works by forming an invisible barrier between skin and what rubs it. Some of our favorite places to apply include toes, arches of feet, armpits, sports bra seams and inner thighs!
  3. Protect your eyes. Did you know that squinting uses energy? Eliminate the energy waste by wearing sunglasses and a hat. Goodr shades are super popular right now with their budget friendly price, fun names and bright colors, but they are also great for exercising – no slip, no bounce and polarized. Your hat checklist should include a brim and be made of moisture wicking material. An added bonus of wearing a hat? It helps keep the sweat out of your eyes.
  4. Wear sunscreen. A watch tan is not as cool as you think when you consider the risk of skin cancer. Be sure to lather up anytime you’ll be spending time outdoors in the sun, including when you exercise. Don’t forget the tips of your ears!
  5. Say sayonara to sweaty seats. You did it! You ran outside in the summer! We bet you’re sweaty. Change out of your swampy clothes and protect your car seats with the Orange Mud Transition Wrap. Fasten the towel around your waist with its adjustable belt and belt clip for easy changes, then zip it up to create a pocket that slips onto the headrest of your car seat for ultimate seat protection!