Active Valentine’s Date Ideas

Forgot to book a reservation that that fancy restaurant? No worries! Here are some ideas for active ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

  1. Go for a run, walk or hike together. This may seem simple, but fresh air, each other’s company and screen-free conversation can do wonders for a relationship!
  2. Try something new like visiting a rock climbing gym or take a dance class. Attempting a new activity can be less intimidating when you’re with your partner. Yet the reward is even more satisfying if a challenge is taken on together!
  3. Make smoothies together. Easier than cooking together and you end up with a healthy, sweet treat! Try this easy recipe for Cherry Vanilla Smoothies:
    2 c. frozen cherries
    2 c. (packed) baby spinach
    1 Tb. almond butter
    2 c. coconut water
    2 Tb. vanilla extract.  
    Makes 2 16 ounce servings 
  4. Stream a yoga or pilates workout. No need to head to a studio, you can practice partner yoga or pilates in the privacy of your own home. Just YouTube it!
  5. Have a fit experience at Big River together. We see couples, friends, and family come into our store all the time to share in a fit experience. You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn together about your feet, gait, and how to improve comfort and performance with the right shoes.

Still need a gift? Definitely stop into Big River Running and well help you find the perfect thing. Thanks for shopping local this Valentine’s Day!