Asics Pursue 2

Asics Gel Pursue

Coming soon to a Big River Running store near you, the Asics Pursue 2! This Asics model is new to Big River and designed for the neutral runner with a comfortable, responsive feel. It is lightweight and durable with a seamless mesh construction that is sure to give the wearer the most comfortable run possible.

The Asics Pursue 2 has been engineered to provide maximum comfort for neutral runners. It offers the perfect combination of comfort and durability. It is lighter and and more responsive than the first version of this shoe thanks to extra cushion in the midsole. Additional gel-cushioning in the sole of the shoe reduces shock and provides exceptional bounceback as you run. The new seamless mesh construction also provides maximum comfort for runners. The lack of seams reduces the chance of rubbing and blisters as you run all while keeping your feet cool and ventilated. This shoe also features the Asics Guidance Line technology to ensure stride efficiency. The Pursue 2 will arrive at Big River any day, so be sure to stop in and try it on for size! 

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