Customer Stories: Love on the Run


We love our customers! We have always been passionate about being more than a “place to buy shoes.” It is a privilege to help, connect and develop relationships with people in St. Louis through our stores and community programs. A recent example highlights just how awesome it is for us when Big River becomes a part of people’s lives!

Amanda and Matt have played an integral role with Big River’s Training Team as pacers for the last four seasons. Amanda paces one of our walk/run groups and Matt paces the 8:45 group. On April 1, they tied the knot! While they didn’t meet through Big River, both Matt and Amanda expressed the role that running and Big River has played in their lives and wanted to capture that on their wedding day.

Q&A with Amanda:

How did you meet? It would be fun to say Matt and I met while running a race in St Louis. The honest truth is we met on a dating website. Yes, meeting on one of those sites does work! We have been together for almost three years, and are excited to now be married! Many people think that Matt was the one who got me involved in running but it’s the other way around.
How did Big River make the cut for a photo opp on your wedding day? Big River Running has been such a big part of our life. We told fellow Training Team pacer/maid of honor Katie and groomsman Jason to bring a pair of running shoes with them. We knew we wanted to get something involving running in our photos. Big River South City is the store we visit the most, so we made the magic happen. I will admit that we got a few funny looks when we went in. Our favorite picture, though, ended up being outside under the store sign.
What are your future running goals? Matt is contemplating a marathon in the future. I’m looking forward to beating my Macklind Mile time from 2016.
What is one goal you have for your marriage? Biggest marriage goal is just loving each other and growing older together.
Are you going on a honeymoon? We look forward to planning our honeymoon very soon. We know we want to go somewhere warm, with a beach and the ocean!
Did we mention that Amanda and Matt also delivered wedding cake to all three Big River stores the day after their celebration? Now that’s going above and beyond as a customer! Big River Nation – join us in congratulating Amanda and Matt on their wedding and wishing them the best in the future!