Get Outside!

Ditch the ‘dreadmill’ and get outside this winter! Don’t let cold temperatures get you down and keep you at an overcrowded gym. Follow our simple and helpful apparel guide. Big River Running has got you covered no matter what the weather. Runners come into our stores all the time and ask “what should I wear to run in this weather?” Here is helpful advice from our knowledgeable staff to keep you on the road and off the treadmill.

First off, it is important to identify yourself as a ‘cold person’ or a ‘warm person’. Are you constantly adding more layers, even indoors, and find the idea of a long run in the cold not something you think you’d enjoy? You are most likely a cold person. If you are comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt when others are wearing layers and prefer when the mercury dips, you are most likely a warm person. If you identify somewhere in the middle, that is okay too!

Remember, you heat up quickly when you are running! Overdressing is just as bad—if not worse than underdressing. A lot of people tend to wear too many layers and get hot and sweaty. No matter how good our super technical running clothes are and wicking moisture, you run the risk of potentially getting chilled. A good rule of thumb is to dress like it is 10 degrees warmer than the actual outside temperature and you should generally be a little chilly for the first mile or so until you warm up.

Keeping your core warm is essential, as well as your extremities. Wearing a hat and gloves on a cold day can ‘trick’ your body into thinking that it is warmer than it really is. Didn’t your mother always tell you to wear a hat outside in the winter? Another great winter running tip is the addition of a running jacket to your wardrobe. A running jacket that is wind and water-resistant can make or break a winter run. Have it and you are all set. Don’t have one? You are likely going to regret it.

Feeling ready to get out there no matter what Old Man Winter has in store? Check out our temperature range guide below. This will help you decide what to wear to stay warm no matter what the weather.

Temperature Range Guide:


40-50 degrees: Capris, half tights or shorts

30-40 degrees: Capris, tights, lightweight running pants

20-30 degrees: Tights, thermal tights or pants

Below 20 degrees: Thermal tights or pants (windproof)


40-50 degrees: Long Sleeve tech shirt, short sleeves, arm sleeves paired with a singlet

30-40 degrees: Long Sleeve tech shirt layered with short sleeve, mid-weight long sleeve tech or long sleeve tech with light, non-thermal jacket

20-30 degrees: Baselayer with running jacket or vest

Below 20 degrees: Baselayer, midlayer, thermal jacket


40-50 optional

30-40 hat or ear warmer, lightweight gloves

20-30 Hat or ear warmer, gloves, heavier running socks (like Smartwool)

Below 20 degrees: Hat, thermal gloves or mittens, neck gaiter or balaclava, heavier running socks (like Smartwool)

Other Gear Considerations:

Yaktrax for traction in ice and snow

Reflective gear like headlamps and blinking lights and vests to help you see and be seen

Hand warmers for those super cold days

Hand held water bottles and hydration belts—it is just as easy to get dehydrated during the winter as it is during the summer!

SPIbelt to hold essentials like IDs, your Smartphone, nutrition

Big River Running has four locations with knowledgeable staff that can help you complete or update your winter running wardrobe so you can run in any weather this winter. Thank you for shopping local!