All Terrain Runner

Gear up and get ready to hit the dirt! Trail running can be a great way to mix up the weekly miles and a chance to get to run on a softer surface while enjoying some scenery. Along the trail you may encounter roots, rocks, mud and uneven terrain. While these changes in footing are what make trail running fun and challenging, a shoe designed specifically for trails can make climbing those hills just little bit easier.

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Trail shoes typically have a rock shield bottom, which protects your foot from trail hazards like rocks and roots. The rugged tread design helps grip loose rocks and dirt while providing better traction in mud and muck. An added bonus to this type of tread is that mud sheds more easily from the bottom so they don’t get too heavy and coated on some of the more soggy trail runs. Trail shoes generally have good forefoot cushion  for those downhills and a moisture managing fabric allowing water to drain easily from them and quick drying so runners don’t feel waterlogged after crossing a creek or a stream.

Check out our Trail Runner’s Gear Checklist for all the trail running essentials and hit the trails today!

Trail Gear image

  •  Trail shoes
  • Moisture wicking socks
  • Hydration (hand held, a belt or pack)
  • Headlamp or light source
  • Hat or visor
  • First aid kit, bug spray and sunscreen
  • Changing towel
  • Sunglasses
  • GPS Watch