Introducing the SPIbelt

More and more runners are accessorizing; carrying with them essentials such as IDs, credit cards or cash, keys and the ever-important smart phone. We have our own running playlists, podcasts and listen on the go! Runners are often in search of the perfect way to carry all their belongings with them safely and comfortably.

Common complaints are their current belts bounce, chafe or is uncomfortable or worse, all of the above. And yes, anyone that has tried to run while their accessories belt is bouncing around can relate, it is no fun at all and soon that is where your focus is directed. In search of the compromise between comfort, compatibility and features, the SPIbelt has quickly become a favorite go-to option for runners that like to accessorize on their runs. Touting an expandable, secure and low-profile pocket, the SPIbelt pocket expands to hold almost anything a runner might need. When fitted properly, the SPIbelt will not bounce and the comfortable elastic band will not chafe.

We wanted to see just how much these great little belts could accommodate. From our tests, we were able to fit an iPhone 4, a set of keys, two GU packets, a Clif Shot Blok and a Picky Bar all with ease. SPIbelts have a loyal following and at a recent Training Team long run we asked a few SPIbelt fans just what makes their belts so much better?

“To the Droid users out there, the regular one fits my HTC one, two Gu’s, and my car keys! I wear it on my side and it doesn’t even bounce! I highly recommend it.”    –Jamie

“I use my SPIbelt when I am trail running. It comfortably holds my phone so I know I can be safe when out by myself on trails. It never moves around or bounces and I have worn it with the pocket in the front and also with the pocket in the back.”    –Deb

Want to see what all we could fit in the SPIbelt? Check out this video:

SPIbelt Video