Letters from Camp

Dear Mom,

I’m having an awesome time at Big River Winter Distance Camp! I’ve met a ton of runners my age from other schools. And they all love to run! Our counselors are super energetic and have a lot of great advice. Of course, the best part is lunch! And today we got these super sweet Nike hooded sweatshirts. Now I’ll remember the good times I had at camp every time I wear it. I’m excited for the last day of camp when we get to run in a fun track meet indoors! And I heard there is a big pancake breakfast after! Thanks for sending me to camp, mom!

Your Son


Dear Son,

You think you get to have all the fun. Well this year, Big River Running has camp for adults! I’m so in. I can’t wait to meet other runners, get some mileage in with a group of like-minded grownups and learn some things to help me become a better runner. It’s just the retreat I need! What a perfect way to start off the new year. I’ll have the knowledge, tools and motivation I need to reach my fitness goals this year. And don’t worry, us adults know how to have fun, too! We’ll have our own version of classic camp games and social activities! I’m so excited for the first ever Big River Winter Retreat!

Your Mom