MO Cowbell Sponsored Athlete Contest

Have you set a goal to race in the MO Cowbell on October 6, 2019? We want to hear from you!

Become a SPONSORED ATHLETE for the MO Cowbell!

Brought to you by Burn Boot Camp & Big River Running!

MO’ Cowbell is a locally organized half and full marathon on October 6 in St. Charles. This flat & fast course is perfect for beginners or those who want to set a new personal best!

All entries must be received by July 7th and WINNER will be announced on July 8th. Training with Big River Running will begin July 14th!

1. Introduce yourself and share your “WHY’ – what made you decide
to pursue this goal of running the MO’ Cowbell
2. Post your “WHY” on your social accounts (IG/FB) and tag Burn
Boot Camp Manchester & O’Fallon, MO, Big River Running
(West County) and check-in to one location. Please also tag MO’
3. Like and Follow all social platforms (IG/FB) for Big River Running
(West County), Burn Boot Camp O’Fallon-MO, Burn Boot
Camp Manchester and MO’ Cowbell
4. Tag 2 friends who should enter this contest with you (reshare the
contest post and then tag your 2 friends!)

• Pair of shoes from Big River Running
• Train with Big River Running’s Training Team on Sundays
• 2 month membership to Burn Boot Camp
• Ongoing support from both communities
• Entry into half or full marathon from MO’ Cowbell

Let the posting commence!!!

1. Document all aspects of training via social
2. Make at least 3 posts/week on personal social platforms and tag Big River Running (West County), Burn Boot Camp Manchester
& O’Fallon, MO and MO’Cowbell.
3. Post to IG/FB stories 3-4x/week and tag Big 
River Running (West County), Burn Boot Camp Manchester
& O’Fallon, MO and MO’Cowbell.
4. Must be true and authentic when sharing journey
5. Grant permission to photograph/videotape for any and all
purposes with all three entities
6. Consent to all 4 entities to share/repost at any time from
winner’s social platforms (IG/FB)
7. No foul/obscene language or pictures
8. Any and all reference to 4 entities should be positive

1. Cannot be employed by or have relatives
employed/associated with all 4 entities.
2. Not a current/former member of Burn Boot Camp
3. Not associated with MO Cowbell
4. Consent to being photographed/videotaped for promotional
purposes with all entities with no rights to images or
6. Consent for all posts to be shared via team members of all 4
entities on their personal social pages and stories.