Resolution Reflection

You have dreams and aspirations. They don’t just come to fruition, though. You need a plan and support. How can Big River support you in 2019? Reflect on these questions and think about where you are in your journey. Then let’s move forward together!

Can Big River Running help you find the perfect pair of new shoes? Can our staff help ensure you are in the right shoes for you? Can your foot pain be eliminated? Can we help you get active? Can we support you in your efforts to train for a half or full marathon this year? Can we answer questions you might have about plantar fasciitis or bunions? Can we offer advice on what to wear when it’s cold outside so you are still comfortable on your run or walk? Can we connect you with great organizations in our community that share your passion for health and fitness?

We know that Big River Nation is made up of really awesome, unique people, all of whom may be in different places in their fitness journeys. Some of you may be veteran marathon runners, while others may have never run a step in their lives. Some of you may appreciate the comfort of a properly fitting pair of shoes, while others of you are into the latest and greatest shoe technology. We love being able to help all of you – the runners, the non-runners, the walkers, the moms, the yogis, the grandpas, the track athletes, the cross fitters, the dog walkers, the trail runners, the PR seekers, the first-timers and everyone in between. It’s what makes our job fun!

So let us know how we can support you in 2019. And if you know someone who could benefit from our in-depth shoe fitting process, our community programs like Training Team or even our weekly group runs … spread the word. It may help someone else start the process to make their dreams come true.