Run with your heart

Garmin 225Garmin has finally done it! Introducing the Garmin Forerunner 225, a GPS running watch that can accurately calculate your heart rate from your wrist. By using Mio Heart Rate Technology, the built in wrist sensor can capture important data while displaying it in an easy to read colorful gauge. From warm-up zone of grey to maximum effort zone of red, the Forerunner 225 sets your zones based on your age-adjusted max heart rate estimate of 220 minus your age. Customizable options are available as well as access to Garmin Connect, the free online community, where you can also create advanced workouts or download free training plans.

heartrate GarminThe Forerunner 225 tracks time, distance and pace and also features a built-in accelerometer, making running indoors or on a treadmill easy, all capturing data without the use of a footpod. Functional as an activity monitor, the Forerunner 225 will record steps taken throughout the day, as well as calories burned and remind you to move if you’ve been sitting for more than an hour. When you get that cue to move, just walk for a couple of minutes to reset the inactivity indicator. With features this helpful, it will be incredibly easy to meet your fitness goals for the day!

social media GarminSharing your workout data has never been easier with the Foreunner 225. Automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, the free online community allows you to save, plan and share your activities. Downloading the free Garmin Connect Mobile App to your smartphone allows you to then pair your watch. When you save your completed run, it will automatically upload when you’re in range of your phone. Additional features include live tracking and easy sharing on social media.

With all these great features, you will absolutely love the new Forerunner 225 with all your heart! Come visit the store today, thank you for shopping local!