Summer Speedwork

Summer Speedwork

Big River Summer SpeedWork

May 28 - August 1, 2024

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday Location: Clayton Track (Gay Field) – 305 Gay Ave, Clayton, MO 63105

Thursday Location: Principia Track – 13201 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63131

Let’s get faster! We are excited to welcome you to in-person speed workouts, or feel free to run the workouts on your own. As always this program is FREE! Sign up to receive emails about the workouts and weekly plan.

Registration Open
Do you have the need for SPEED? Join us for our FREE Summer Speedwork Sessions! These workouts are for anyone and everyone who wants to increase their speed for the 5k distance. It’s not just for “fast” runners! You don’t have to be fast to get faster, right?!
Registration open


WHAT: Track workouts designed to increase speed with the goal of peaking at the 5k distance at the end of the summer.

WHERE:    Tuesdays @ Clayton Track (Gay Field): 305 Gay Ave, Clayton, MO 63105

Thursdays @ Principia Track: 13201 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63131

WHEN: The season runs from May 28 through August 1, 2024. We will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. (excluding Thursday, May 30 and Thursday, July 4)

WHY: Speedwork has been proven to lower times for all distance races from the mile to the marathon. Big River Running hosts these free workouts because we want you to improve as an individual runner. Engaging with the running community in a fun and authentic way is at the core of our mission and philosophy, which is why we host FREE programs like Summer Speedwork. We just ask that, in return, you give Big River the opportunity to help you with your running and walking shoes and gear this summer.

HOW: Once a week we will meet at the track, divide into small groups, each with an encouraging Timer to guide you through a workout. It's all about fun and positive motivation, no matter your pace or speedwork experience. The schedule of workouts will be shared via email to registered participants.

Pace Groups

You will want to run with the correct group for your 5k goal time. Whatever you would like to run at the end of the summer as your goal is the group you should run with. However, if you do not feel you are ready for your goal pace group, try going in a group that matches your current fitness level. The cool thing is you can always move up or graduate to the next group as you get faster!

Group 1 = 19:00 or under (6:07 per mile and under)

Group 2 = 19:30 - 22:30 (6:17 - 7:15 per mile)

Group 3 = 23:00 - 26:00 (7:24 – 8:22 per mile)

Group 4 = 26:30 - 29:30 (8:33 – 9:29 per mile)

Group 5 = 30:00 or above (9:39 per mile and above)


Race Calendar

Looking for a 5k at which to test your speed? Check out our race calendar!
Race Calendar

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