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Big River offers a FREE, fun, friendly and first-class training program for runners and walkers of all ability levels to prepare for half and full marathons. This group is designed to help you on your personal fitness journey by providing you with pacers and running buddies who share similar goals, turning the tough grind of training into a fun, social experience. Offered twice a year, the Spring program runs from January to April and the Fall program runs from July to October.

Our Fall season will begin on July 14.

Registration open

"As I've told multiple people in my friend and family group, this training team was so supportive. I was on a run/walk team and couldn't believe the racing/8/9/etc groups cheering for us on these runs. Such a positive environment... and I didn't pay anything for it! What a wonderful group of people."

"I was truly blown away by the technical and 'human' support this group gave me."

Training Team Details

  • 12-week training program
  • Participate for free or purchase a budget-friendly personalized training plan written just for you
  • Experienced coaches and group pace leaders to share motivation and advice
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Weekly team emails to keep you informed
  • Weekly long runs on Sunday mornings at locations throughout the St. Louis area
  • Suggested Sunday long run mileage schedule
  • Group runs on Monday evenings at 5:45 pm from Big River Running stores (South City & U City)
  • Weekday workout suggestions
  • Age requirements - due to the nature of long runs, for safety reasons we can't accommodate unaccompanied minors. Those under 18 must be accompanied by (running with) their guardian for the duration of any training run.

invest in your training


Having a training plan can help you stay injury free, improve your fitness and greatly increase the chances of achieving your goals! You now can have a training plan designed specifically for YOU! You deserve more than a generic training plan to help you achieve your goals!

It is WORTH THE INVESTMENT! Our plans are some of the most affordable you can find with a great success rate for goal achievement.

Each training plan comes with specific pace recommendations, daily mileage assignments, and can be personalized for your life schedule and goal race. Additionally, for those that sign up, you will be able to contact a coach directly.

Did you know? You never get the same plan twice. We always progress each individual's plan every time they sign up, meaning it gets more challenging to better help you meet your goals.

The deadline to purchase a Training Plan is July 21.

Note: If you would like more structure/advice than suggested Sunday mileage, we recommend you sign up for a plan! An individualized plan is the best way to help you achieve your goals. Plans at this price structure are designed to be 12-week plans for goal races in April (or close to that timeframe). For a different time frame or longer plan, please refer to Big River Personal Coaching.
Strength Training: Strength training is a valuable tool to avoid injury and become a stronger and more efficient runner. A strength training program is available for $50 per month.

"Had a great experience with the Gold Plan and working with Coach Mike! The plan was a great fit for my schedule, helped me improve, and I felt confident and healthy going into my first marathon. Coach Mike was responsive and encouraging throughout the entire season."

"I don’t want it to end! Eagerly awaiting next training cycle."

Important Dates

Season begins – July 14
Deadline to purchase Apparel - July 21
Deadline to purchase a Personalized Training Plan - July 21

Registration open

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