Runner Recipes – Mexican Sweet Potato

Mexican Sweet PotatoAs runners we need more than the Average Joe when it comes to potassium. While most of us reach for the tried and true banana, we should take a moment and consider the sweet potato as a delicious and more versatile choice. Did you know that sweet potatoes, on average, have more potassium than bananas? And you can dress them up however you like: sweet, savory, so many options! Summertime makes me think of grilling, salsa and Mexican food. So why not grill up some Mexican sweet potatoes this summer and kick that boring ole spud to the curb. You’ll love this savory sweet potato for dinner. Nothing will satisfy you more or fill you up more after a long run.

Mexican Sweet Potato: Serving size 1


• 1 medium to large sweet potato

• garlic to taste

• onion powder to taste

• cumin to taste

• ground chipotle to taste

• Cheddar or Chihuahua cheese


1. Bake, grill or boil the sweet potato until the inside is soft and cut down the middle

2. While still hot, sprinkle with garlic, onion powder, cumin, ground chipotle and cheese to taste.

3. Top with your favorite salsa and serve with a vegetable side. (Pictured with corn salsa and kale salad with avocado).


Big River’s Recipe Guru is Becky Cutright, one of our wonderful START Coaches, who has an amazing fitness and weight loss story of her own.