Run Safe - Never Run Alone

Be safe with RunSafe

Big River Running cares about your running safety. November is National Running Safety Month, and in honor of it, our gift to you is a FREE lifetime account with RunSafe, a safety and fitness tracking app designed specifically for runners. Normally a $50/year value for a premium account, you will receive it for free if you sign up during the month of November. Click here to sign up and download RunSafe to your smartphone.

RunSafe takes the worry out of your workouts with safety alerts that notify designated contacts when you leave for a run and when you return, a panic button in case of emergency and other features to give you and your loved ones peace of mind while you exercise.

In addition to its safety features, RunSafe offers all of the functionality you would expect from a premium fitness app. RunSafe features real time GPS tracking, keeps data on workout stats like distance, pace, calories and more. It also has a social component so you can share runs with family and friends!

Your safety is a priority! Get your free lifetime account with RunSafe today!