See & Be Seen on Halloween

Did you know that many of the “tricks” runners use to see and be seen when running in the dark and low-light conditions are also perfect for trick or treaters. This Halloween, whether you are running or trick or treating, Big River can help you stay safe with the best and brightest accessories. A few of our favorites:

Headlamps are a perfect way to shed light on cracks in the sidewalks and stairs while keeping your hands free to carry treat bags or tired toddlers!

Blinky clip-ons are a cinch to attach to costumes and candy collectors making it easy to keep your eye on your little gremlins. Using magnets for a strong hold, they won’t damage that hand-made costume you spent hours creating.

Reflective vests are a tried and true way to make sure car headlights see you from afar and they can fit over coats if the weather is chilly.

You don’t need any additional scares this Halloween, so make sure you can see and be seen!