Share the Local Love

lovelocalValentinesWhen you shop at local, independently owned businesses, like Big River Running, more of your money gets re-circulated back into your community, through payroll, taxes, and local suppliers. In fact, three times more money re-circulates back into the community when you make a purchase at an independent retailer as opposed to a national chain.

During the Valentine’s Day season, we hope you will think of the little guys by shopping at independently owned retailers for gifts (like running and walking gear!), flowers, candy, jewelry, and other needs.

Big River Running Company is proud to be independent and we believe our combined efforts can make a big impact in St. Louis.

Here are a few ways you can find and support an independent business:

  • Get up, get out and shop local! Find a locally-owned business by going to Independent We Stand’s “locals only” business search. Start by typing in your zip code and/or a search keyword like: running shoes!
  • Share your support! “Check-in” at an independent business or share your location on Facebook to get friends and family to #ShopLocal

Thank you for supporting independently owned businesses. Together we can make an impact in our community.