Sweet 16!

16 and how sweet it is! The newest in the flagship stability shoe from Brooks is renowned for its dependable support and ample cushioning, making it the reliable choice for runners looking for an unbelievably smooth and balanced ride. Treat yourself to the adaptive cushioning of the BioMoGo DNA midsole that responds to every step and the full-length segmented crash pad that gives you ultra-smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

While we could most certainly come up with 16 GREAT reasons to love the newly updated Adrenaline 16, we focused on five main details that make this shoe your go-to.

w adrenaline 16

1. New, deeper V-grooves in the outsole compress inward, creating a soft ride that is more shock-absorbing and fluid.

2. BioMoGo DNA midsole provides adaptive cushioning. BioMoGo is a substance that adapts depending on the force applied to it. Because we all hit the ground slightly different, the DNA cushioning creates a truly ‘customized’ feel.

3. A full-length, segmented crash pad. Think about how a caterpillar moves and them image it on the bottom of a running shoe. The segmented crash pad midsole has multiple, tiny shock absorbers that work together as you roll through your stride.

4. A moisture-managing, super wicking upper. Don’t let your tech socks do all the work! The highly breathable, quick-drying upper will keep your body temperature regulated and won’t let feet get too hot and sweaty. By pulling sweat and moisture away from your skin, the upper helps prevent blisters.

5. Never miss a ride with the newly designed ‘saddle’ upper. Adjustable eyelets pull from the heel, creating a secure, snug, just-right fit!