The Bra Insider

By Caitlin Howe, Big River West County Manager and Bra Whisperer

When I’m helping a female customer and I mention the words “sports bras” I can see a shift in the customer’s demeanor that conveys uncomfortableness or unhappiness. After digging a little deeper, I find that most customers’ biggest obstacle is being able to find the right fit. Because they’ve had trouble in the past, many women are content to wear a bra that’s about a decade old or double up on bras. When I’m having the sports bra conversation with a customer I always ask where they have tried looking for bras in the past. I’m very familiar with some of the major retailers, Nordstrom for example, and their inventory and fit process. Finding out where customers have shopped for bras in the past can help me pin point why they are still having trouble finding a bra that works for them. For example, if a customer has only tried looking for a running sports bra at Target or TJ Maxx then I know that product quality, as well as sales staff knowledge may be reasons why a woman didn’t find the perfect fit. You deserve to be comfortable and happy in your bra! We want to help you get to that state!

The Fit Process

At a retailer where you are purchasing a bra, staff should know which bras are high impact versus low impact, which bras fit true to size, and the most important factor … being able to size a customer correctly. If there is one thing we take pride in at Big River (in addition to the multitude of sports bra offerings) it is our fit process. Most people in the St. Louis area have been through our extensive shoe fitting process, but have you experienced our bra fitting? All of our staff members, or Customer Experience Managers, are experts on the bras we carry and can measure flawlessly. We carry a few different brands of bras and each company has their own unique sizing chart, which is why it’s so important to have a knowledgeable bra fitter.

4 out of 5 women are wearing the wrong size bra. Friends don’t let friends become a statistic.

Similar to your shoes, a bra is one of those products that requires a tangible, in-person experience when finding the right fit. When you order online you run the risk of getting an ill-fitting bra. If it’s too big then the lack of support and increase in vertical motion can damage the breast tissue. We all know what a bra that’s too tight feels like, because 1. You can’t breath and 2. You probably needed a friend to help take it off.

A running bra can be used for yoga, but a yoga bra CANNOT be used for running.

All in all a well fitting bra is a must have item for any type of physical activity. There are differences in levels of support for each bra, which is why it’s best to be fitted and have a bra expert on-hand to help. One tip that I give customers that they seem to like is to grab some girl friends and make a day of it. Together, through a focus on bra knowledge and fitting, we can all run happy and comfortable in our sports bras!