Tortoise or Hare … Do not despair!

By Jim Helton, Big River Personal Coaching

As I ponder the last 40+ years of running, it comes as no surprise that successful distance running is a long-term endeavor. While outcome goals (i.e. PR, BQ) are important, it is the process of training, year-after-year that produce measurable results. Consistency is the strand that connects workouts, training plans, and years of running. It is cumulative; what you do today, influences what you are capable of tomorrow.

Each of us are unique in so many ways, running is no different. Big River’s Summer Speedwork is structured to enable all runners (hare and tortoise) to challenge themselves in training.  Resist the urge to compare yourself with someone else. At its core, running is you versus yourself.  Pacing is critical to the training process; just like shooting a basketball, or kicking a soccer ball, pacing is a skill that can be refined. Speedwork can be uncomfortable at times, but you’ll surprise yourself no matter what your goal. Setting realistic expectations, and beginning to chip away at what your mind believes it can or cannot do, is key to achieving success. A progressive approach that focuses on consistency over time is the only secret to running; there are few shortcuts.        

Big River Running hosts these free workouts because we want you to improve as an individual runner. Engaging with the running community in a fun and authentic way is at the core of our mission and philosophy. Tortoise or Hare…we have the right pace for you!